Squegee ****ADOPTED****


Hi I’m Squeegee and I am cutest little girl around Chandler. I’ve had it rough so far in my short life. I was flushed out of a drainage pipe when I was just a tiny little thing and needed to be bottle feed. I got very sick from that experience and had to be on medication. Then out of no I started to get this very bad pain pain in my leg and it got all swelled up on me. The pain was real bad. It hurtled me. The Dr had to drain it and it turned out I have Valley Fever in it. Man life just jept getting worse. This swelling also pushed my hip out of joint and it never stayed in ever again. So now I have this thing called a false joint. I still had pain so they think I have something else but you will have to talk to my mom about that.
Beleive me though I run and jump all over the house like all the other cats. I never stop! I love to play, chase and wrestling is my game. I love to jump and catch the feathers on a wand and chase the ball on the ball chaser. I might limp but that don’t hold me back none. If you are interested in me fill out the pre-adoption application online and my mom will give you a call to see if we jell. See you soon.