Meet the handsome Wesley. He is one good looking boy. He has the most beautiful tabby markings and they are so unusual. He has the cutest face and it looks like he is smiling at you. Wesley will for sure need to be with another cat, he needs the companionship.
We can not show Wesley at one of our events or in the adoption center at Petco because he gets so upset. He had a very rough and scary life until he was rescued by a wonderful friend of mine who brought him into her home. He was afraid of his own shadow. Now is a lover boy.
He is very unsure of new people, places and things. He needs time to adjust his new people on his own time frame (he can not be rushed). I can tell you though from true experience it is well worth the wait. Once he knows you can trust you he will show you a whole new side. He will sit with you, tap you to pet him and so much more. Our morning routine is to sit on the recliner for a good long morning rub down. If I forget, well he lets me know and will tap me and hip my chair until I acknowledge him. There is so much about Wesley I just can’t write it all. To meet will be hard, he will hide, and to bring to the store we don’t think will work. So we will be offering a foster to adopt situation for Wesley. Please email me for more information.