Hashtag ****UNAVAILABLE****


Meet Hash-Tag a very sweet and shy little girl. She will take you heart away when you look into her eyes. This is one little girl who will need her own Twitter page for sure!
She has come such a long way in the past year. She became very sick and all she new was shots and medication. She lost her trust of humans. Now she is healthy and we have been working with her and she has become the most amazing girl around the house. She loves her nightly can food. The way to a cat is really food!
She rubs one your legs, gives great elevator butt, loves to be stroke and petted and really loves her ears rubbed and scratched as well as her cheeks and chin. It’s like she is catching up for lost time. she likes to play with the feather wand that makes noise of a birds feathers flapping in the air. Man can she jump high!
It will probably take a bit of time for her in a new home to adjust You just have to stick with her and she will give all she has.
She likes all cats and dogs don’t bother this girl one bit. I would not put her with young children though.