J & J’s Bed and Breakfast Adoptions


Welcome to Kattered Tails J & J’s Bed and Breakfast. The B & B has been named after two special foster cats to the owner of the rescue, Jackie-O and Jarvis. Jackie-O and Jarvis were amazing cats who gave tons of love but never made it to their forever homes. Both were with Monica for a few years for one reason or another. Jacki-O was in poor health and Jarvis was terrified from abuse in his past and learned to trust Monica. Both passed away and left small holes in Monica’s heart and this is how she honors them. The B and B is located at the owners home where the large patio has been refinished enclosed into a cat dream area full of cat trees to look like a forest and smaller climbing cat lounger and scratchers that look like fun flowers and mushroom houses. There are hammock cat beds and plush beds all around for all of our friends to make themselves comfortable. Attached to this living area is a tunnel to an outdoor cattery where many cats like to sleep the day away in the sun or watch the birds and critters, If they prefer the also have access to the the house through the kitty armoire that hold the litter boxes. This way they can be with their humans on the couch or playing with puppies at night.

Not all adult cats are at the B & B. They are brought here as space becomes available or those cats that are on the rescue’s waiting list. The B & B is never over crowded so that each cat can maintain it’s own space and individuality and settle in if they come from rough, sad or difficult situations. There will be a separate intake for cats into the B & B.


  • Emily

    Meet the sweet and beautiful girl Emily. She was adopted from us a few years ago and sadly her mom fell on had times and decided it was in baby kitties best interest to have the come to us. It was very sad for her because she loved them very much but made the ultimate sacrifice to make they were taken care of.
    Emily is one of the sweetest girls around. She is a total love bug and wants to spend all of her time with you. Even just being able to touch you makes her happy. When she looks in your eyes you know you are the most important thing to her. She loves hugs, kisses and pets. She us amazing!
    Emily needs to be the only kitty in the home. She can become a tad bit dominate over any cat that gives of the littlest bit of fear or weakness. She was adopted and returned due to this three months later. The new owner loved her so very much and we worked very long and hard with her and Emily. Unfortunately, Emily sees weakness and will take advantage of it to become the big Queen of the house. I mean she is a Queen but she also needs to live in peace so we decided that she should be the only kitty in the home.