J & J’s Bed and Breakfast Adoptions


Welcome to Kattered Tails J & J’s Bed and Breakfast. The B & B has been named after two special foster cats to the owner of the rescue, Jackie-O and Jarvis. Jackie-O and Jarvis were amazing cats who gave tons of love but never made it to their forever homes. Both were with Monica for a few years for one reason or another. Jacki-O was in poor health and Jarvis was terrified from abuse in his past and learned to trust Monica. Both passed away and left small holes in Monica’s heart and this is how she honors them. The B and B is located at the owners home where the large patio has been refinished enclosed into a cat dream area full of cat trees to look like a forest and smaller climbing cat lounger and scratchers that look like fun flowers and mushroom houses. There are hammock cat beds and plush beds all around for all of our friends to make themselves comfortable. Attached to this living area is a tunnel to an outdoor cattery where many cats like to sleep the day away in the sun or watch the birds and critters, If they prefer the also have access to the the house through the kitty armoire that hold the litter boxes. This way they can be with their humans on the couch or playing with puppies at night.

Not all adult cats are at the B & B. They are brought here as space becomes available or those cats that are on the rescue’s waiting list. The B & B is never over crowded so that each cat can maintain it’s own space and individuality and settle in if they come from rough, sad or difficult situations. There will be a separate intake for cats into the B & B.


  • Paris

    Paris is one of the resident mamma cats who was rescued with her kittens from another facility’s euthanasia list. We brought her into the rescue to raise her kittens and have the chance at a life full of rest, relaxation, love and affection from a new family. She needs to be someone’s one and only! She deserves it! Paris is ready to have the spotlight on her! She is super sweet, loves to cuddle up on your lap and will stay there as long as you let her! Like most cats, Paris likes to rest the day away in the sun, wake to yummy food, and savor all your attention. If you feel that you can give Paris a loving home, please fill out our pre-adoption application located on the website.

    Paris is located in one of our wonderful foster homes. She will be available for adoption after July 11th and we will need to set up an appointment for a meet and greet if you’re interested.

  • Kalei

    Meet Kalei one of the resident moms of the rescue. She is all done feeding her babies and they are growing up so now it is her time to rest and find her forever home. She is a very friendly young girl who was pregnant extremely young and gave everything to her babies. She still needs to gain back weight from caring for her babies but with time she will. Now she was found outside and pregnant so she was a dumpster diver looking for food so you need to be aware that this girl loves, loves loves her people food. especially cookies. LOL
    She is going to make a family one amazing cat.

  • Virgil

    Meet Virgil he is the most sweet dog you will ever find. He just loves, loves to be petted and loved on. He comes right up to you for love. He likes to be rubbed all over, get chin rubs and ear scratches. However, right now, ear scratches are out while his ear s are healing. He just had surgery on his ear and needs medication put into it for awhile but he is worth it and the time. If you give this guy your love he will love you in return.

    Sadly this loving little guy did test positive for FIV. This should not deter any new owner. He lives just fine among my cats. FIV is spread my deep bloody bites. The Vet has agreed if there are no fighters in my home or potential adopter home Virgil can live a long healthy life. Just remember to get his Vet checks every 6 months to ensure his health.

    Seems to be ok with dogs however he was in a playpen with his house mates and probably felt safe. I stress CAUTION with dogs.

  • Annie

    Annie is a very sweet Mamma cat who was rescued by one of our fosters and one of the volunteers. They were out trying to rescue kittens from under a home but their mom had already moved them. However, sweet Annie just walked up to them almost as if saying “Help me and my babies I am about to have”. So they took her home and the foster has been taking care of her and her kittens. Annie can be a bit shy at first but will come to you for affection and love after she trust you and knows she is safe. She has decided that she for sure loves the life inside best. She is learning to play and what it means to be a kitty who is loved and lives inside. She is a beauty and is looking for someone to to love her forever.
    Are you that person?

  • Kichona

    Kichona is a very sweet and beautiful Torti Point Siamese Mix. She has beautiful blue eyes that let you know she will be your one and only. She is very gentle and quite from what we can see. All of the cats from this home are all adjusting well but miss their mom very much. So you will need to give her adjustment time to a new life. It’s only been 2 days in my home and she is already coming to me. She has a lot of love to give.

    She is in a home with dogs but was not around them. The cats lived the front of the home is a very large room area made just for them. They were very spoiled. They were not around children that we know of. So no small children please that adjustment would be a bit to much.

  • Ember

    Ember is a beautiful Turkish Van Calico Mix. She has a long soft and shiny coat, which will require care. She a sweet disposition and loves to be petted and loved on. She will take a few days to settle in. Ember and her house mates have been through a lot the past few weeks. Her mom died from COVID and her dad is sick from other illnesses and can not continue to care for all 17 of them. So she has been moved twice in the past week and can be a bite stressed.
    I can call her and she comes to me already. I gave everyone new names for a new beginning, a new start. (plus the husband did not know all the names) So She is Ember for the orange spots on her head. This young girl has a lot of love to give.

  • Jewel

    Meet Jewel another beautiful Turkish Van Calico Mix in the rescue. The sisters of the group. She is a sweet heart and loves to have her head rubbed and scratches. She has the softest and most beautiful cost like her sister. She is need weekly maintenance on this fancy coat she has. Like her sister Ember she will also need time to settle in and she depends on her sister a lot. We are trying to keep them together. They sleep together and curl up with each other all the time at my home so far and at the other home they had a stopover at. We do not want to make life to hard for them. They have already had so much happen to them. This beautiful girl has tons of love to give someone so come and meet these beautiful sisters.

  • Frenchie

    Meet Frenchie a super sweet girl who was rescued up North from a hoarding situation. She loves to be petted and comes when you call her. She lived with Rizzo. She loves to sit outside in the cattery and catch some rays. She gets along with all cats and does don’t seem to bother her. She was rescued with over 30+ cats and kittens. Good thing though the owner did take very good care of all of the cats there.

  • Ricky

    Meet this great big baby Ricky. He is a bit shy at first but let’s face it he has had a lot going on recently. His family moved away and did not take him and just put him outside and forgot all about him. He is tight with his brother but he has not made his way to us yet but will soon. We are hoping to adopt them out together if at all possible. Ricky is a very big boy and seem a bit underweight to us for his size, he is slowly gaining with good food and care. This boy has so much love to give someone and a family, he just needs the time and love from a real family who will love him forever.

    Update: Last night Ricky came to me and I got to finally hold in in my arms and give him lots of love and big kisses. He really is one big baby. Time is all this boy needs.