Volunteering with and fostering cats are the most rewarding experiences you can have other then adopting one of course. It is a passion that is near and dear to our hearts and is an extremely fulfilling experience as well. When we take a homeless cat into our home we not only provide that cat or kitten with shelter, food and water but we show that animal what it means to be loved, probably for the first time in it’s life. This is the feeling of joy you will feel in your heart.

At Kattered Tails every cat and kitten we rescue we make a promise to them. We promise to get them medical care when needed, shelter, food, water, socialization, time and most importantly all the love we have, spayed/neutered, tested, vaccinated and finally their furrever home that they so deserve.

If you have some time to donate to Kattered Tails Rescue, there are many ways you can help.

Ways You Can Help Kattered Tails

1) Foster a cat or kitten until they are ready for adoption.

2) Volunteer on adoption days with set up and break down or assist with adoptions.

3) Help with transportation of cats and kittens for spay/neuter, vet appointments, adoption day events, and rescue.

4) Help with planning of fundraisers, like raffles, photo contests, costume contest for cats, grants and more…..

5) Help create and manage a kitty wish list of supplies or cats and kittens will need each season.

6) Spread the word that Kattered Tails is here to help through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat and more…

7) Help with maintaining our Petfinder Page so our supporters and future adopters have an updated list of our adoptable cats and kittens.

8) Help create marketing materials for Kattered Tails, like success stores for online media, flyers, newspapers tidbits about our adoptable cats and online news for our website.

9) Teenagers can volunteer their time to meet High School Graduation requirements from the state. You also might fall in love with you new best friend.

10) If you wish to volunteer and you are in a profession that might aid Kattered Tails please take some time to complete our volunteer application or email us with any suggestions.