Adoption Information


When considering the “price” of an adopted cat/kitten it is necessary to consider the care that the cat or kitten received prior to adoption and also the mission of our rescue. There are many shelters, rescues, country pounds and ads on the internet that list cats and kittens as “free to a good home” but in reality you need to take into account the care that has been given to that animal to get it ready to be free. Does the animal have a microchip, has it been tested for FIV and Felv, is it spayed or neutered and vaccinated. The reality of rescues adoptions fees are what we put into our cats and kittens to make them happy and healthy to go home with you.

All Kattered Tails cats and kittens are spayed or neutered, tested for FIV and Felv at the correct age, vaccinated with the Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc Fel-O-Vax PCT + CaliciVax Multi Disease Protection Vaccine, Rabies if needed, Microchipped, Dewormed, and seen by a Veterinarian for exam prior to adoption. Also, if any of our cats or kittens need dentals, grooming or any medical care above and beyond that is always taken care of as well. We also feed all of of cats and kittens high quality wet and dry food by NutriSource, Pure Vita and Bottle Feed Breeders Edge Quality Kitten Formula.

We spend thousands of dollars a year to meet the veterinary care, needs and the basic life needs of the cats and kittens in our care. Our cost per cat is often higher then our typical adoption fee. The adoption fee you pay to take your new kitty home helps to provide resources for the cats and kittens in our foster homes a second chance at a new life.


Our adult cat adoption fees are generally $150.00 – $175.00 ( ages 1+)

Our kitten adoption fees are generally $200.00 -$225.00 ( up to 1)

Adoption fees can be variable depending on any the medical care the cats or kittens have received and bottle feed kittens.

****All potential adopter must agree and complete an adoption application and agreement. There is an interview with the rescue or the foster. Not all adopters are approved for adoption. We adopt out for the best interest of our cats and kittens only. If you find a cat or kitten you are interested in please complete the pre-adoption application and we will contact you for a interview and meet and greet. This can be found under resources on the website****

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