Success Stories


It is a match made in heaven for Tristan Short and his new cat John Henry. Tristan was looking for a cat he had an immediate contact with and along came John Henry! We are sure that these two guys will be together for a long time to come.

Congratulations to John Henry and Tristan Short for finding each other!

Congratulations to Deborah Haffey and her sons for welcoming Bubbles, , Pai Mei and Emily into her family. With these adoptions were could not have asked for more. Bubbles became her one sons emotional support cat ( perfect kitty for this) and Pai Mei and Emily became the King and Queen of the house. What an amazing family! We could not have asked for more for our kitties. Congratulations to everyone for building this family…

Congratulations to Ed & Kristen Barnett who adopted one great girl Harper. Harper has had a rough life starting out. She was pregnant at 6 months, lost all of her kittens, allergic to litter dust and was adopted and had to be returned because the owners dog carried her around like a rag doll. We don’t think it bothered Harper but it for sure bothered the owner. Then Harper sat around waiting for someone to come along and make her theirs. Well she found that love on Sept. 12th 2020. She is just about the sweetest girl one could ask for.

Congratulations to Rosie, Royce and their family who adopted two awesome kittens, Eli & Elijah! This is a match made in heaven. We know the boys will be loved and they will give all the love they have to their new forever family! May you have many kitty kisses & hugs for life!

Congratulations to Bart & Darrell Nabers, along with Bart’s new brothers who all found each other during this tough time and will be happy together for many years to come.

Hurray for Zeke who found his forever home with Steven and his roommates. From what we saw yesterday Zeke will become the spoiled little man his foster mom wanted him to be. Good luck with your leash training. I am sure Zeke will catch on quick, he is a very smart boy. Congratulations to all of you and especially you Zeke! Taylor will miss you.

Me and the boys will be living it up!

Congratulations to our Little Panda who was adopted and will be living it up and be a spoiled little boy! We will miss you Panda. However, I am sure Richard will love you forever!

It’s official!

A big congratulations to Paisley who found his forever home in Gilbert with Emily, Matt and Shaylee. May he bring you many year of fun & love. He is a sweet and loving little boy. Thank you for giving him an AWESOME home. Paisley has severe allergies and it’s amazing he found a family who loves him anyway!

September 24, 2019

We want to congratulate Roller our little girl who found her forever home this past weekend. Roller is a special little girl to us. She was born with CHP (Cerebellar Hypoplasia), shaky kitten syndrome. Her mom had a virus when her brain was forming and it affected her motor systems. She walks better now but low to the ground and because of the CHP she is mostly blind and sees only shadows. Roller was lucky because she survived. She lost her two brother to the disorder. She is a strong kitten and a survivor. Roller is one lucky girl because she found her new Mom, Ms. Doty who had a CHP cat before and he lived to be 18 years young. We are happy that Roller found her and they fell in love. We know Roller will be happy and well taken care of with her Mom who knows all about CHP and the needs of these special loving cats.

Congratulations to little Maddie who became Kattered Tails first adoption. We believe that he will be truly content and jovial in his new furrever home with his family. He has made a young girl extremely happy. We think that Maddie is going to be one spoiled little boy.