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  • John Henry

    Meet John Henry, he is a big, handsome, shiny coat panther with the most striking yellow eyes you have ever seen. We feel that John Henry is going to be a big panther boy. He is so regal sitting in his pictures as he poses for us. He likes to play with the feather wand toy, crinkle balls and any toy that makes noise. He is new to us so we are both learning all about each other and we can’t wait for the this amazing guy finds his forever home. We do want to note that the pictures do not do John Henry’s eye justice, you just have to meet him in person.

  • Elwood

    Meet Elwood the second half if the Blues Brothers. Elwood & Jake have a very strong bind and we are trying hard to keep them together. Elwood is a little different then his brother, he can be just a tad more timid but not much. It only took new a few minutes first this handsome little man to come to new and trust me. He loves to play with just about any toy he finds laying around. Feathers are his favorite. He lives his brother very much.k

  • Joliet Jake

    This is Jake one of the Blues Brothers. Jake is a very sweet boy, loves to be petted and loved on. He likes to very held but you must support his back end. When I first met him a few days ago he name right up to me. I pick him right up and he loved it right away. He is a player and loves playing with all the toys I gave him. His favorite was a feather wand and the ball tower. We are still learning all about each other and if you are interested in Jake we are trying to jeep him with his brother Elwood. They are very bonded brothers.

  • Hagar

    Hagar was discovered by himself in Cave Creek after being abandoned by his mother. He had a severe upper respiratory infection and it wasn’t clear if he’d survive it, but sure enough, he did. He was small and underweight when initially surrendered, but grew larger than the rest of his foster group quickly. He loves to wrestle and be manhandled, but he’s also super sweet and will groom you once he accepts you as part of his family.

  • Najee

    Najee was found under a front porch in Arcadia when he was 4 weeks old after being abandoned. He was the only kitten out of his foster group that wasn’t bottle raised and is Morty’s brother. He is an extremely sweet ghost tabby, but he takes a while to warm up to things, so patience is key with this little guy. He is a talker, and it is possible to have a conversation with him since he’ll meow back at you when you meow at him. Najee means stoic and strong. That is what this guy is quiet when he needs to be and the master when he needs to be. He will make a great big brother to another kitty. He does like his canned food in the mornings, so when you’re not opening that can of food fast enough for him he will become your overlord. LOL. Take this strong, caring and loving guy home and make him your own.

  • Zelda

    Meet the petite Zelda, the leader of the pack. She is the one who will decide if you are OK for the other kittens to come to and trust. If you win over Zelda, you win over everyone.
    Zelda was found alone on the side of the road somewhere in San Tan Valley when she was just a day or two old. She was the most advanced kitten out of her foster group, and is extremely intelligent. If you have always wanted a tuxedo cat that acts kind of like a golden retriever that purrs, Zelda is your girl.

  • Angel

    Meet Angel the handsome and sweet guy of the rescue. He is a lover! He is a cuddle bug and loves his humans. He likes to play with all the cats and kittens in his foster home. He gets along well with dogs and kids of all ages. He likes to lay in the sun and watch the birds outside then play the rest of the day away. He is a teenager so he does like to rough house with the older kids in playpen (older kittens). They run, chase and wrestle like all kittens do. If you are looking for a lover and a friend look no more because Angel is your guy!

  • Cole

    Cole is just a bundle of energy and won’t slow down for anyone. He can usually be found making laps from one end of the house to the other, usually chasing a sibling. He LOVES his toys and will tell you all about it. Just don’t take it from him unless you want to lose a finger!

  • Mango Brown

    Mango is spicy! He loves playing around in your shoes (and I think he has a foot fetish)! He’s not afraid to ask for what he wants, and loves weaving between your legs to get the attention he so rightly deserves.

  • Lil Bub

    Lil Bub (full name Lillian Bubbles) is a firecracker! She can keep up with the rest of the boys, even though she’s the smallest one. Her namesake was an alien from outer space here to spread love and kindness, and she’s doing a great job living up to it! She loves rolling around with her brother Mango Brown and would love to be able to go home with him!

  • Pudge

    Pudge definitely lives up to his name! As the biggest in his litter, he’s also the loudest to tell you exactly what he wants and when he wants it! He loves to snuggle up and take a nap, and adores ear scritches. He’s extremely social and will get along with any cat or dog you have at home!

  • Monica

    Meet Monica she is one of the Friends siblings. She is a beautiful little girl who is extremely sweet. She has the brightest eyes that pull you in to just love her. Best of all she has the cutest polydactyl feet.
    Monica loves her litter mates! Likes to run, play, chase and wrestle like most kittens do. Monica would do best with one her litter mates with her to play with and love. If you are interested please complete iur per-adoption application, which is the first step in our adoption process.

  • Chandler

    Meet Chandler another part of the Friends Litter. Chandler is hands one little guy who has tons of personality. He is handsome and he knows it, just look at a him pose for the camera. It’s like he is putting you under his spell and saying ” Take new home.”
    He is all boy and love to play with his mates then take his long nap and start all over again. He dose like a good snake in there somewhere so you need to keep his bowl full. He is also a total lover and loves to be with his humans. If you have the time and the love in your heart, Chandler is the joy for you.
    If interested complete our pre-adoption located on our website, this is the first step in our adoption process.

  • Joey

    Meet the cutest little guy Joey with the cutest big polydactyl feet ever! He us an amazing with the sweetest face and personality. I mean doesn’t he look like he could get into stone trouble, maybe ever be the most fun in your house and best friend you ever could have. He likes to play, chase, wrestle and just be a kitten! Catching the feather wand in tthe air is the most fun ever for him. This little guy iis all kitten and would very best with another kitten to play with.
    If you have time and love for a great little guy this boy is for you. Go to our website and complete our pre-adoption application, this is the first step in our adoption process.

  • Pheobe

    Meet the little sweet and sassy Phoebe. She is a little spitfire and tough girl. She can hold her in first sure with her brothers even though she is smaller. She prefers her foster dad and likes to cuddle. She likes to play with German latter mates and us on tough cookie. She loves to chase and run through the house getting her energy out. Then site will cuddle up first a long nap. She loves her litter mates and would do best with another kitten. If you are interest in this sweet little polydactyl princess go to our website and complete the pre-adoption application, this is the first step in our adoption process.

  • Habanero “Hobie”

    Meet Habanero, AKA Hobie. He is the cutest and the biggest kitten of his litter. He is one hefty boy who knows how to play and be a kitten and enjoy it. He is for sure a rough houser. He loves to play wrestle mania with all of his litter mates no matter who they are, even little Scotch Bonnet his sister. When I walk into his room he latches onto my foot and does these crawl around and just has the best time. He will make anyone the best kitten ever. This guy for sure will need to have another kitten or older teenager kitten around to play with. He will not be adopted out as an only kitten. If you are interested in Hobie go to our website and complete the pre-adoption application and we will contact you.

  • Pabalano

    Meet the fabulous Pablano, AKA Pablo. This is one sweet little guy. He is a dark tabby who is a cute a button. He is a bottle fed baby so he is as sweet as a kitten can be. He likes to be held like a little baby and rubbed on his head and ears. He likes belly rubs and cuddles and kisses. He does need correction every now and then with his nibbles, he did not have kitty mom to correct him all the time. He likes to rough house with his siblings and wrestle and run a lot. He loves to fight with his kick sticks, chase and ball you give him. the ball chaser is the best. Playing king of the tower is another game he likes to play with his brothers. I can’t say enough how amazing this baby is. He will need a playmate and will need adopted with one. If you are interested in adopting please visit our website and complete the pre adoption application.

  • Howard

    This is Happy Howard a member of the “Big Bang Litter” . He is a bit camera shy so it was a bit hard to get some pictures of him. However, he is a very sweet and loving little man with tons of personality to spare. He loves his litter mates and playing and wrestling are part of his favorite pastime. Well this is a pastime of all kittens. He loves his humans and was hand raised with a wonderful couple who rescued them. Why not make this happy boy part of your family today?

  • Bambi

    Meet Bambi a sweet little Tuxedo boy who was found outside in a box in a dumpster at a Baseball Field. They were just tiny little babies who really needed their mom and someone snatched them away without a care or a thought of how they would survive. They were taken in by one of our foster moms who bottle feed all of them and they all grew into happy, healthy fun little kittens ready for the big wide world ahead of them. Bambi is now ready to find his forever home and can’t wait!
    He loves to play and wrestle with all the other kittens in his foster home but he can’t wait for a home to call his own. He needs to go to a home with another kitten or a home with another cat who gets along with other cats or kittens.
    He is a player and needs stimulation and tons of play time while he chases he toys and wands all over the house. If you are interested in Bambi please go to ur website and complete the pre-adoption application and we will be in touch.

  • Duchess

    Meet the beautiful Duchess. She was found after being dumped because she was pregnant. A very nice lady brought her into her home where she could have her kittens and raise them where they would be safe and grow to be happy and healthy. Duchess is a sweet girl who was very protective of her kittens, especially when they started leaving the nest area. She was a young mom she it might have been a lot for her to handle. She does live with other cats now but as I said it is with her kittens so she is a bit protective still. Most of the time she ignores the other cats, it is just when the kittens are moving around more that she get a bit upset, but that is to be expected. When her babies are gone we feel she will be just fine, right now she is in mommy mode. She is calming after being spayed as well. If you would like to meet Duchess go to our website and complete the pre-adoption application and we can set up a meet and greet.

  • Peppermint Patty ****ADOPTED****

    Meet Peppermint Patty a sweet little girl who was left a nice gentlemens door. He heard someone knocking on his door and when he got to the door all he saw was a cat carrier with a pretty kitty in it with a note in her microchip sleeve that said “hello my name is Sushi, I am spayed, here is my microchip and some money to take care of me”. Well he called all over with no luck getting any rescues to help. We were full but heard the story. So I talked to my husband and even though we were overflowing he said to bring her here. He was so thankful and brought her to us.
    I can tell you she is the sweetest little girl, she is always on the move, checking things out. If you had a child that moved this much I think they would be labeled ADHD, LOL. So we say Peppermint Patty is our ADHD rescue kitty. I’ve never seen a kitty move and check things out so much. The door opens, she is right there. Someone goes in the bedroom, there she is. It is kind of funny. Don’t let that hold you back though, she is so loving also. You can tap the sofa and she is right next to you wanting all the love you have to give her. She loves the feather wands and chasing the balls down the hall. If you are interested in this amazing girl visit our website to complete the pre-adoption application and we will contact you to set up the meet and greet.

  • Junior

    Meet Junior a handsome boy with a rough start. We are assuming that he had been abandoned by his previous owner because this boy is just far to sweet to be a street kitty. He is super friendly and loving with his foster parents. He loves to run around the house jumping and playing. He has given them such joy. He loves his wand toys the best and will snuggle just about anywhere for a good rest.
    If you want to meet this adorable, sweet and loving guy go to our website and complete our pre-adoption application. This boy deserves the best!

  • “007” (Vader)****ADOPTED****

    “007” is one big handsome dude! He weighs in at a big 17 pounds of pure love. He may be scared of you at first but once he knows he can trust you and you love him he will totally become your stalker.
    He will be your best friend, couch buddy and lover all wrapped in up in one big tuxedo boy! When get can’t find you he meows very loudly to call you. All you do is call back “007” I’m right here and he comes right to you. Don’t be scared of his hisses at first, this guy is all talk until he trust you. He would never hurt a fly, he just acts grumpy. I’ve grown attached to this big guy!
    This guy would like to be adopted with his sister Emily they grew up together and will miss each other. Emily is just as sweet if not sweeter and is a big girl.
    Give these guys a chance and they will give you tons of love forever and a day.

  • Cerci

    Hi I am Cerci and I am a beautiful Tabico. My fur is soft and fluffy, my legs are a little short but I am might. Please don’t think I look mad, I’m really not that’s just how I look!
    I absolutely love to be around my humans and love to get all of their attentions. My foster mom squeezes my face and rubs it then gives me a big kiss, I love it… I like my ears, chin, back and butt scratched, rubbed and brushed. I liked a good play session, then some treats or maybe even breakfast/lunch/dinner then its of to LaLa land for a long cat nap. My favorite spots are on the tops of the couch or next to my foster mom on the couch. I do like me some fuzzy blankets.
    If you want to meet the Queen of the foster house just file out the pre-adoption application located on the rescues website. I’d love to meet you!

  • Rorschach****ADOPTED****

    Hi I am Mr. Rorschach and I am Superhero! I may be a bit sensitive at first but I will quickly warm up and them watch out for your head. I will be all over it from my perch on top of the couch. Haha Haha…
    I love to play chase and I sometimes get a bit carried away with myself. I will run so fast and just leap into the air at nothing. Who knows? I like laying on my back to catch some Z’zz. I really like to be petted all over and love my humans so much I really just don’t know what to do sometimes.
    I like to play with feather wands, a lot!! Chase things all over. I do get carried away playing with other cats sometimes and they don’t like it, maybe it’s my age. I just get so excited.
    I am a wonderful boy who really wants a family with some kids to play with and LOVE me like I am the most important thing in their world. One thing though if you are going to change my food do it very, very slow. I have one of those sensitive tummies that does not like change. If you know what I mean.
    If you want to meet the best cat in the whole wide world well complete the pre-adoption application located on the rescues website, i’d love to meet ya!

  • Wesley

    This striking young cat is Wesley and he is ready for his forever home! Wesley has been in the rescue since January 2020 and he is a youthful (approximately) two years old! His beautiful and unusual Tabby markings will be like roaming artwork in your home! Wesley would love another kitty during his retirement years as a companion to hang with.

    Wesley had a very rough and scary life until he was rescued by a wonderful friend of mine who brought him into her home.  He was afraid of his own shadow, but now is a lover boy!

    He is unsure of new people, places, and things, so he will need your patience and some time to adjust to you and his new home. Once he trusts you, he will show you a whole new side, his loving side!  He will sit with you, tap you to pet him, rub around your legs, and join you for your morning coffee! If you have a little patience and would like to welcome Wesley to your home, please complete our pre-adoption application on our website.