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  • Emily

    Meet the sweet and beautiful girl Emily. She was adopted from us a few years ago and sadly her mom fell on had times and decided it was in baby kitties best interest to have the come to us. It was very sad for her because she loved them very much but made the ultimate sacrifice to make they were taken care of.
    Emily is one of the sweetest girls around. She is a total love bug and wants to spend all of her time with you. Even just being able to touch you makes her happy. When she looks in your eyes you know you are the most important thing to her. She loves hugs, kisses and pets. She us amazing!
    Emily needs to be the only kitty in the home. She can become a tad bit dominate over any cat that gives of the littlest bit of fear or weakness. She was adopted and returned due to this three months later. The new owner loved her so very much and we worked very long and hard with her and Emily. Unfortunately, Emily sees weakness and will take advantage of it to become the big Queen of the house. I mean she is a Queen but she also needs to live in peace so we decided that she should be the only kitty in the home.

  • Laslo

    Meet the handsome Laslo! He may have been small when he came to us but boy has he grown into a stunning young guy. He is a bottle feed baby so you already know that he loves all of his humans. Laslo likes to be held and loved on and will sit with you while you are watching you favorite show on the tube. His favorite shows are on Animal Planet! He loves, loves to wrestle with the other kittens and would do best with one of his mates. He has never been by himself so it is best he have a friend or he might become a bit anti-social. He loves just about any toys you give him. He really likes the 3-level ball tower chaser tough. So if you are looking for a handsome, loving little guy look no more. If you are interested in Laslo please complete the pre-adoption application located on our website.

  • Elwood

    Meet Elwood the second half if the Blues Brothers. Elwood & Jake have a very strong bond but the do not need to go together, but if you are looking for two amazing cats look no more! Elwood is a little different then his brother, he can be just a tad more laid back than Jake. It only took new a few minutes for this handsome little man to come to trust his new surroundings. He loves to play with just about any toy he finds laying around and maybe the odd box he might find. Feathers are his favorite but don’t get him started on the laser pointer you will see a whole new level of Elwood emerges. He truly loves being with his humans and will want to be with you at night and try to lay on you and snuggle up to sleep.

  • Joliet Jake

    This is Jake one of the Blues Brothers. Jake is a very sweet boy, loves to be petted and loved on. He likes to very held but you must support his back end. When I first met him he walked right up to me, no fear in this boy. I pick him right up and he loved it. He is one BIG BOY!!! He is a player and loves playing with all the toys I give him and everything I don’t. His favorite was a feather wand and the ball tower and like his brother Elwood the laser pointer is a whole new level of mad man Jake. Jake is one of those cats that will step all over while you sleep looking for his sleeping spot. Personal space is not in his vocabulary, like most cats he just really does not care if you push him off he is right back. He loves his humans with true devotion.

  • Cole

    Cole is just a bundle of energy and won’t slow down for anyone. He can usually be found making laps from one end of the house to the other, usually chasing a sibling. He LOVES his toys and will tell you all about it. Just don’t take it from him unless you want to lose a finger!

  • Pudge

    Pudge definitely lives up to his name! As the biggest in his litter, he’s also the loudest to tell you exactly what he wants and when he wants it! He loves to snuggle up and take a nap, and adores ear scritches. He’s extremely social and will get along with any cat or dog you have at home!