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  • Bubbles

    Meet Bubbles the sweetest little guy you will meet. He has such a big personality and tons of love to spread around. He gets along with every cat he comes in contact with. He can somewhat rough when he plays but he is a boy and boys play rough. He is like one little muscle, strong as any cat can be. He likes to run and jump after the feather wand as it whirls through the air. Chasing the balls on the 3-level ball tower are also a favorite. However, watch out he will take things off the counter and find stuff to play with. Paper and plastic are some of his favorite things to carry around the house. If you want a fun and loving little guy in your life look no more he is right here.

  • Cocoa & Cacao

    Meet Cocoa and Cacao the brother and sister duo of Kattered Tails. They are a bonded pair who need to be adopted together. Cocoa is a sweet but meek little boy is partially blind in his right eye. That does not stop him though! He loves his little sis and they play all the time, wrestle, chase and catch their toys. Cacao is a loving little girl who enjoys being around her humans to get all her pets and hugs in. She is a bit more trusting then her brother but he warms up to you once he feels safe in your loving arms. Their mom was Truffle if you want to scroll through the adopted kitties on our page. They look just like her. If you want to meet these two sweet and deserving little babies complete our pre-adoption application located under the resources tab.

  • Cerci

    Hi I am Cerci and I am a beautiful Tabico. My fur is soft and fluffy, my legs are a little short but I am might. Please don’t think I look mad, I’m really not that’s just how I look!
    I absolutely love to be around my humans and love to get all of their attentions. My foster mom squeezes my face and rubs it then gives me a big kiss, I love it… I like my ears, chin, back and butt scratched, rubbed and brushed. I liked a good play session, then some treats or maybe even breakfast/lunch/dinner then its of to LaLa land for a long cat nap. My favorite spots are on the tops of the couch or next to my foster mom on the couch. I do like me some fuzzy blankets.
    If you want to meet the Queen of the foster house just file out the pre-adoption application located on the rescues website. I’d love to meet you!

  • Pai Mei

    Hi my name is Pai Mei and I am named after the character in the movie “Kill Bill” with the long mustache and eyebrows. I have long handsome whiskers and my eye whiskers as I call them are growing back one of the little kittens ate them or pulled them out. Kittens are silly that way. I am one handsome guy if I say so myself. I am still a kittens, well a teenager so I still have lots of growing to do. I love to play and there are times that I get on the older cats nerves at my foster home so it might be best that I go to a home where the cats might be close to my age or a bit older but not over 2 years maybe that is. I can hand with the big boys though, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want to be returned to the rescue for causing trouble. My foster mom knows me well so she will know the best home for me. I really like to play with just abut anything and when I nap I nap right next to her. I she is busy working I take up a spot on the couch where she usually sit and wait for her. If you are looking for a handsome, fun, and playful guy I am your kitten. Just complete the pre-adoption application located on our website.

  • Rorschach

    Hi I am Mr. Rorschach and I am Superhero! I may be a bit sensitive at first but I will quickly warm up and them watch out for your head. I will be all over it from my perch on top of the couch. Haha Haha…
    I love to play chase and I sometimes get a bit carried away with myself. I will run so fast and just leap into the air at nothing. Who knows? I like laying on my back to catch some Z’zz. I really like to be petted all over and love my humans so much I really just don’t know what to do sometimes.
    I like to play with feather wands, a lot!! Chase things all over. I do get carried away playing with other cats sometimes and they don’t like it, maybe it’s my age. I just get so excited.
    I am a wonderful boy who really wants a family with some kids to play with and LOVE me like I am the most important thing in their world. One thing though if you are going to change my food do it very, very slow. I have one of those sensitive tummies that does not like change. If you know what I mean.
    If you want to meet the best cat in the whole wide world well complete the pre-adoption application located on the rescues website, i’d love to meet ya!

  • Minnie ****ADOPTED****

    Meet Minnie! Minnie has been in the rescue since July 2021. Minnie is just over one year old and is one of the most bewitching kitties you will ever lay your eyes on! Could there be a relation to Salem Saberhagen? Two points if you know the reference! Just to clarify, Minnie is not a former witch or warlock turned into a cat! She is just a fun-loving kitty that is ready to retire in your home! She loves to play with wand toys and chase the balls on the ball tower! Minnie also loves to snuggle up to a good book with you! Let her sit on your lap, wrap that fluffy tail around you, and she will listen to any story you are reading! If you would like to give Minnie her forever retirement home, please complete our pre-adoption application on our website.

  • Wesley

    This striking young cat is Wesley and he is ready for his forever home! Wesley has been in the rescue since January 2020 and he is a youthful (approximately) two years old! His beautiful and unusual Tabby markings will be like roaming artwork in your home! Wesley would love another kitty during his retirement years as a companion to hang with.

    Wesley had a very rough and scary life until he was rescued by a wonderful friend of mine who brought him into her home.  He was afraid of his own shadow, but now is a lover boy!

    He is unsure of new people, places, and things, so he will need your patience and some time to adjust to you and his new home. Once he trusts you, he will show you a whole new side, his loving side!  He will sit with you, tap you to pet him, rub around your legs, and join you for your morning coffee! If you have a little patience and would like to welcome Wesley to your home, please complete our pre-adoption application on our website.

  • Squegee

    Hi I’m Squeegee and I am cutest little girl around Chandler. I’ve had it rough so far in my short life. I was flushed out of a drainage pipe when I was just a tiny little thing and needed to be bottle feed. I got very sick from that experience and had to be on medication. Then out of no I started to get this very bad pain pain in my leg and it got all swelled up on me. The pain was real bad. It hurtled me. The Dr had to drain it and it turned out I have Valley Fever in it. Man life just jept getting worse. This swelling also pushed my hip out of joint and it never stayed in ever again. So now I have this thing called a false joint. I still had pain so they think I have something else but you will have to talk to my mom about that.
    Beleive me though I run and jump all over the house like all the other cats. I never stop! I love to play, chase and wrestling is my game. I love to jump and catch the feathers on a wand and chase the ball on the ball chaser. I might limp but that don’t hold me back none. If you are interested in me fill out the pre-adoption application online and my mom will give you a call to see if we jell. See you soon.

  • Tucci

    Meet Tucci the fun and feisty little guy. He is an amazing little kitten who was rescued from the outdoors in a farming area, we are assuming he had been abandoned. He is a fun little guy with tons of energy to go around. At first he might hide and peak at you from around the corner but that will not last long. Soon he will be running all over looking for kitten trouble to get into. You MUST, MUST be careful walking with him! He will trip you… He walks in between your legs, crosses in front of you and I have tripped over him. He WILL NOT be good for an older person. He will need a playmate for sure. He had two previously in his other foster home and now he is having trouble expelling some of that energy. He is one kitten that should have a playmate. If interested please contact us by submitting a pre-adoption online from our website.

  • Crystal

    Hello everyone! My name is Crystal. My two sisters were Ember and Jewel, they’ve already found their forever homes. So now that I am ready world, watch out because here I come! I am simply beautiful, well that’s what I’m told. I’m all white with grey on my head. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I am very careful about keeping my fur looking its best and I’m cleaning it all time.
    I like all cats and I really don’t care about dogs. They are not really in my orbit, LOL. I’m to pretty for them.
    I’ve lived with many cats in my life so its fine and a good buddy makes life better. My mom past last year to COVID. So we all came to sanctuary waiting for our new home. So of us got lucky right away but there were a lot of us. I still miss mom, she was the light of my life. She saved all of us for a hard life outside. So to honor her I stay positive and believe that I will see her again one day and we will all be together again. That’s how I stay happy & positive.
    If you are interested in meet me go to Kattered Tails website and complete the pre-adoption application so one day we can meet.

  • Brie

    Meet Brie. She is one of our Mamma cats this year, we brought in from Yuma with her kittens. Brie is a Flame Point Siamese Mix cat. She has the most beautiful fluffy cream colored coat with caramel ribbon throughout and stunning blue eyes. She has had a rough few months though. While she was feeding her kittens, she rolled over onto her back and put her leg through the cage. She snapped her femur! It was unbelievable! Brie was a champ when it came to surgery to fix her leg, and the several months of rehabilitation. Her kittens are all grown and have been adopted into their forever homes now Brie is ready for hers! Brie is a very friendly cat! She loves people and seems to be okay with other kitties. We’re not too sure about dogs yet. Brie would love to be brushed each day to keep her glamorous coat looking that way. And snuggling with you will likely be one of her favorite activities.
    The Vet saw her and X-rays show that her leg is healed and Brie is ready to have everything she wants! If you are interested in Brie, please complete the pre-adoption application on our website.

  • Tennille

    Meet Tennille a very sweet and loving little girl. She is super loving and very playful and loves being around her littler mates. Tennille likes to play chase & wrestle with her siblings! She really enjoys the ball tower and feather wands too! Tennille has never spent time around dogs so we don’t know how she would do with them. If you have a dog we can give you instructions on how to do a slow introduction for Tennille and your pup. She definitely loves other kitties! If you would like to give this tenacious tortie Tennille a forever home, please fill out our pre-adoption application on our website. We can then contact you to set up a meet and greet at the kittens location.