Artemis ****ADOPTED****


This elegant lady is an absolute lover! Just like all kitties are in a new environment, she may be a little shy at first. However, when she gets settled and comfortable- you will have QUITE the cuddle bug on your hands. She loves to be pet, especially a good scratch behind the ears. When she wants attention, she will pop in and start mewing the cutest little meows. She will stare at you and demand attention until it is received! Then you will be rewarded with the sweetest purrs and potential belly rubs. 
This little lady loves to play! She really enjoys a good cat tree, and is adamant about claiming the highest spot in the room! She likes to watch from above and mew for attention when she decides it’s time for love! 
Just like her siblings, she is a sucker for a good can of cat food, and will meow in happiness and gratitude when she hears the pop of a cat food can! She does very well with other cats and dogs, and is mindful of their personal space- until they accept her presence. Then, you will often find her trying to cuddle up to the others in the house.
Artemis, is a sweet, quirky and VERY affectionate little girl. She will grow to be a charming, beautiful lady with a gentle and rewarding attention-seeking demeanor.