Apollo ****ADOPTED****


This little gentleman is quite the gem! Apollo is a fluffy gorgeous boy with a soul-gazing stare and calming presence. At any moment, you can look over and catch him observing his surroundings with an intellectual and inquisitive vibe. He is a quiet little man, but ever so gently, he will make his presence known with a nudge of his head and a quiet subtle purr. Every now and then, he will even offer his belly for a rewarding rub! 
Although he may seem a little shy at first, all he needs is a bit of time to sit back, get a feel for things- then he will warm-up nicely. He enjoys a good toy (especially one with feathers) as well as a good can of wet cat food! (We will run from clear across the room if he hears the pop of cat food can lid!)
Apollo gets along well with other cats and dogs. He is mindful and respectful of their space and shows no aggression towards other creatures. He is gentle with kids, although he may seem shy with a quick movement and loud sounds initially. (As with all kitties, he may be standoffish at first, but once he gets used to the continued presence, he becomes his calm and gentle self to all.) 
Apollo is going to grow up to be a big, beautiful boy. With his all-knowing stare and soft luxurious hair, he is quite the looker and will make a wonderful companion to a loving family.