Athena ****ADOPTED****


Oh, Athena! What an AMAZING little lady she is. Athena is a bold, brave, loving and affectionate girl. Once she is settled in, she will attach to her people and will deliver the sweetest love and attention a cat owner can ask for! She LOVES to cuddle, and enjoys a nice warm bed to curl up in- preferably with one of her people. 
Athena is playful and provides an amazing amount of entertainment just watching her adorable quirkiness. She loves a good cat toy, cherishes a comfy cat tree and will lose her mind with joy over a good can of cat food! (These make for a great reward, treat or as a way to earn her trust and love!)  She does very well with other cats and dogs. She may be a little shy at first, but once she gets used to everyone around her- she is sweet, gentle and mindful of all. 
This little girl will make a wonderful and loving companion. With her sweet little head nudges and her VERY expressive tail wags, she is an amazing soul to be around. Athena will grow to be a gorgeous, affectionate and VERY devoted being.