Sparkles ****ADOPTED****


Meet little Sparkles here who has a sparkling personality. She was asleep just before we took her pictures, new pictures will follow. She doesn’t look happy and sparkling for me. I think she was mad. Anyway she is a super sweet girl who loves being held just like her siblings. It’s hard to believe that Sunny is her mamma. Some Siamese in there somewhere, right. She has that sweet temperament like her mom. She loves attention and craves it. If she is not getting enough attention she comes and with a small paw will tap you. Like she is saying “Hay down here please”. She also loves the tower ball chaser (kittens love it), laser pointer and like her siblings the wands and anything attached to it. She likes to be held and rub around her ears to be put to sleep. She is truly like a little baby. If you want to adopt a sweet heart look no more.