Mateo ****ADOPTED****


Mateo is an awesome little man. He also is a lover. I guess a lover mom like Sunny, makes lover kittens. He loves being held like a baby, ear rubs, chin and some belly rubs are good. Also, like all kittens playtime is his favorite time of the day. He is a good wrestler and chaser. The tower ball chaser is a great toy to occupy this guys time. He jsut runs and runs then drops. Crinkle balls are fun but like his siblings wand toys are the bestest! Also, and wand toy will do for this little guy. However he does prefer bells, feather and things that flop all over the place. He is such a great boy and little lover. He wishes people look past his color and look inside at who he is. Not all great cats are pretty. He is a handsome, black shiny boy with great personality, look no more.