Sedona ****ADOPTED****


Well Hello there!

My name is Sedona and I am A single mom of 6 kittens. Daphne, Declan, Paisley, Maddie, Zeke, and Delilah. I then took on another 8 Babies that needed a mommy to give them the love and attention they needed. I pretty much raised 14 kittens all on my own with one income… It was difficult but now it is time for these free loaders to move out of my home. So as my picture shows I don’t look happy but I promise I am the sweetest little lady ever! Before my foster mommy saved me I really didn’t know anything about humans, dogs, or even a home. My foster mommy worked really hard to gain my trust which took some time, but what she found out was that I am no longer afraid of the dogs, a loving hand, and some tiny cuddles. I still have some more work to do but overall I do enjoy some butt scratches. I get along with other cats, I actually was told that my foster mommy would prefer me to go to a home with another cat as it helps me gain trust in you. My foster mommy does say no Kids as they are really loud and move to fast for me that it scares me, My foster mommy says that it would be best in a quite home for me.