Roller ****ADOPTED ****


Meet our sweet girl Roller. She is such a love bug. She absolutely love people, dogs and other cats. She was born with a condition call Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CHP), Shaky Kitten Syndrome. Due to this she is almost completely blind, can see some shadows only. Don’t tell Roller she’s different because she knows no other way. Don’t feel sad for her because she loves life and we have made sure she does. She plays with the other kittens; running and chasing all over and a master at the art of ambush. She is a great wrestler and a lover of any toys that makes noise. She truly loves her tower ball chaser, she can hear the balls going around and goes in circles chasing them often turning the tower over and chasing the whole thing is much more fun as well. Her Bestest Buddy in the World is her Doggy Chico. She just loves him to death. When it’s time to play he is the first thing she looks for. she smells all over until she finds him.

Roller will need a home that most suites her needs. We believe everyone will fall in love with her like we have but her needs will for sure come first. She will need a smaller environment to live in (she sometimes get lost in our big house when she is playing), a playmate will be a must for her (dog or cat, no small dogs) and someone who understand her condition and is willing to care for her even if there issues that could arise as she ages. She is very healthy now as you can see and kittens like Roller can live long happy and healthy lives. You must be able to financially able to care for in the future for medical that might arise.

Kittens like Roller turn into cats and we adopt them for lifetime, not just while they are cute and fun. Roller’s new family will need to be able to care for now and always.

…with her best friend Chico