Peppermint Patty ****ADOPTED****


Meet the sweet girl Peppermint Patty. She is just as beautiful as a cat can be. She a medium to long soft white coat with a long fluffy tail. She is a quiet girl and is bonded to her sister. If at all possible we would like to have them adopted together but do know that this may not be possible. She likes to be petted, sit with you and get lots of loving from her human. She likes the feather wand toy and crinkle ball toys as well. We have only had her a short while but I am guessing like many cats she would like to chase balls around the 3-level ball tower chaser. Here is a beauty and her sister is as well so if you are looking for double the love don’t look past these to sweeties.
You can meet these two girls at Gordy’s Goodies in Ahwatukee on 48th and Chandler Blvd.