Carmella ****ADOPTED****


Meet the stunning Tortie Carmella. She a beautiful Tortie girl and the sister to Peppermint Patty. They are both just about as sweet as two kittens can come. They are bonded and have been together in a foster home in Yuma since birth. It has always been just these two girls together! They really love each other. We are trying to get them adopted together but we are realistic. We know that this can not always happen. It might take some time for Carmella to come out of her shell without her sister though. This is because she is the shy one of the two. But when she comes around and knows she is safe with you she loves chin rubs the best and sometimes belly rubs. She also likes the feather wand (tell me what cat doesn’t). She like her mice also. She likes to sit on your lap and watch TV and get scratches and love as well. Please if you have the love is you heart and enough room please consider both girls.

You can meet these two girls at Gordy’s Goodies in Ahwatukee on 48th and Chandler Blvd.