Paris ***ADOPTED***


Paris is one of the resident mamma cats who was rescued with her kittens from another facility’s euthanasia list. We brought her into the rescue to raise her kittens and have the chance at a life full of rest, relaxation, love and affection from a new family. She needs to be someone’s one and only! She deserves it! Paris is ready to have the spotlight on her! She is super sweet, loves to cuddle up on your lap and will stay there as long as you let her! Like most cats, Paris likes to rest the day away in the sun, wake to yummy food, and savor all your attention. If you feel that you can give Paris a loving home, please fill out our pre-adoption application located on the website.

Paris is located in one of our wonderful foster homes. She will be available for adoption after July 11th and we will need to set up an appointment for a meet and greet if you’re interested.