Kalei ****ADOPTED****


Enjoy some fall fun with Kalei the Kat! This young mama has been in the rescue since January 2022. She is just about 1 1/2 years old and has already had a litter of kittens! Her babies are all in their forever homes and now she is ready for hers! Kalei was brought into the rescue with her kittens, and she was incredibly underweight. Her amazing foster mom tried every type of kitty food, dry and wet, and we think because Kalei was probably a “dumpster diver” so we think she just wasn’t used to kitty food! Finally, foster mom tried some freeze-dried raw turkey, chicken, and a few others and Kalei went crazy for it! So, Kalei has gained her weight back and loves to lounge around in a warm blanket! This does mean that Kalei will need to continue to be fed freeze-dried raw and this is actually one of the healthiest ways to feed a pet! Of course, you can always keep trying dry and wet kitty food too as her palate may change. If you would like to add Kalei to your family, please fill out the pre-adoption application on our website.