Odin ****ADOPTED****


Meet Odin here! He is one handsome boy who happens to be a Black Tabby with the most dreamy eyes your one cat could have. I like to say he is looking at you dreaming of sitting on the couch and getting all the love you have to give for a boy like him.
Odin was rescued by one of Kattered Tails special fosters when she saw him walking around sad and sick with a kitten collar stuck around his neck and infected and the worst ear infections you could have ever seen. As one could imagine he did want much to do with a human. She doctored him as best she could until he was taken in to be neutered. While under anesthesia we had the Vet clean his neck and take care of his terribly infected ears. After he was feeling better Odin turned into the most loving boy you have ever seen. He loves his foster mom and he lets her know it. scratches on the ears are great now and getting all the love he can is wonderful for him now. Unfortunately poor Odin must have been beaten up by another cat pretty bad and became infected FIV. This is not a death sentence! Cats with FIV live long healthy lives and can now live with other cats research shows in peaceful households. There are also ways to protect other cats through vaccinations as well. So PLEASE don’t let a positive result of FIV scare you away from this GREAT CAT!