Gloria ****ADOPTED****


Gloria is the Mother of 5 kittens. She is the stray cat that hung out around the local Chandler Health and Fitness facility with her boyfriend Bud, who was the facilities adopted kitten. One thing lead to another and on September 5th at 12:30 she decided to have kittens in the office. After the birth of her kittens Gloria became a super calm cat. It takes her a minute or two to trust those around her, but when she does, she is very sweet. She loves to rub up against the legs and particularly loves the face/head pets/rubs. Gloria also will play with strings laying around.. She has an explorative side., however, she has been a very caring mother, lots of sleep for her the last 11-12 weeks.
Gloria was named after Laura Branigan’s song “Gloria”. Another note from her foster dad is that Gloria has recently discovered the laser pointer and loves it!