Meet the sweet and spicy Natalia. She has the cutest little face and white socks on her feet. She can be a spicy girl at first when she is getting to know you but will slowly settle and become a sweet little kitten. Thus the sweet and spicy girl I call her. She just loves being with her littler mates and would do best with another kitten by her side. I DO NOT think she would do well being the only kitten and we will not adopt her with an adult cat in the house. She will not do well she hides from adults. She loves to play with other kittens chase, wrestling MMA style, running competitions and loves feather wand beyond belief. The 3-level ball chaser is one of the best toys for kittens kittens and she loves it. If you want to see this girl complete the pre-adoption application on the website. She is a sweetie.