Marie ***ADOPTED***


The inquisitive Marie is ready for a new forever home! This photo says it all about Marie. She is the calm, cool, and collected cat of the rescue! Marie has been in the rescue since January 2022. She and 17 other kitties came to the rescue from a hoarding case. In a hoarding situation, the pets do not receive the human interaction they need, and this is so important when they are young. Our team has been working and socializing with her and she has come so far from the scared, untrusting kitty she was back in January. She now enjoys being held, she will purr, start “making biscuits” and will talk to you for attention! Marie is only 9 months old! And she is still full of fun! She is very active and loves to play with the kitty towers that have tracks for balls to bat around! She loves wand toys and kick sticks! She would probably like to learn how to walk on a harness and leash to get more exercise! Marie definitely likes to have her own space, so if you have other animals, we will instruct you how to do a slow introduction with her. If you would like to add Marie to your family, please fill out the pre-adoption application on our website.