Meet Virgil he is the most sweet dog you will ever find. He just loves, loves to be petted and loved on. He comes right up to you for love. He likes to be rubbed all over, get chin rubs and ear scratches. However, right now, ear scratches are out while his ear s are healing. He just had surgery on his ear and needs medication put into it for awhile but he is worth it and the time. If you give this guy your love he will love you in return.

Sadly this loving little guy did test positive for FIV. This should not deter any new owner. He lives just fine among my cats. FIV is spread my deep bloody bites. The Vet has agreed if there are no fighters in my home or potential adopter home Virgil can live a long healthy life. Just remember to get his Vet checks every 6 months to ensure his health.

Seems to be ok with dogs however he was in a playpen with his house mates and probably felt safe. I stress CAUTION with dogs.