Virgil ***ADOPTED!!!***


Virgil has been in the rescue since August 2021. At 3 years old, this suave, debonair blue coated cat will charm his way into your heart! He loves to play with lots of different toys and would like to play with you! He also loves being scratched on the head and soft ear rubs. He will take naps with you in between playtime! He is friendly with other cats, so if you already have a feline friend, he would enjoy getting to know them! His ears are little and super cute! He had to have surgery on them when he was first brought to Kattered Tails because he had really bad ear infections and was neglected of care for them. They are all healed and he loves the way they look!
His veterinarian says he tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) but he is in great health otherwise! FIV is not contagious and is manageable. The best thing for Virgil is to have regular health checkups with your veterinarian. If you feel that you can give Virgil a wonderful home please complete our pre-adoption application located on our website.