Turbo ****ADOPTED****


This is Turbo the fast running fast loving girl. She is a tough one to figure out. It takes her a bit to settle in. She can be a bit unsure of new surroundings and cats and some people. She is a growler and all talk. She was a bottle baby and this makes the difference. They are use to getting things their way, when they want it and how they want it. Sometimes when humans raise kittens we forget they are cats, LOL. They seem to run us. She is a spoiled girl who after she settles loves loves to play. She loves the tower ball toy and will chase those balls like they are going out of style. Mice toys better watch out she will get them, so make sure you have a lot for her. She also likes to run through the crinkle tube and out the other side to get you. Take this girl home to make your own.