Annie ****Adopted**** & Sammie


Meet these two beautiful ladies! Annie and Sammie. They are two great girls that their mom has put so much time into. She gave them so much Love and Affection. They can be a bit shy and standoffish, but what can one expect from two beauties like these. They love other cats and have their favorites and will literally stick by to them around the house. They love to play and climb the cat trees in the house and wrestle with the other kittens. With Annie take it time to learn to earn her trust but you are willing to put time, effort and love into winning her love she is so worth it. They don’t need to be adopted together, separation will be probably be best for them to learn to be with their new humans and trust someone other then each other, if you can understand that. Give these girls love and they will return it back with time and patience.