Hi I am Mr. Rorschach and I am Superhero! I may be a bit sensitive at first but I will quickly warm up and them watch out for your head. I will be all over it from my perch on top of the couch. Haha Haha…
I love to play chase and I sometimes get a bit carried away with myself. I will run so fast and just leap into the air at nothing. Who knows? I like laying on my back to catch some Z’zz. I really like to be petted all over and love my humans so much I really just don’t know what to do sometimes.
I like to play with feather wands, a lot!! Chase things all over. I do get carried away playing with other cats sometimes and they don’t like it, maybe it’s my age. I just get so excited.
I am a wonderful boy who really wants a family with some kids to play with and LOVE me like I am the most important thing in their world. One thing though if you are going to change my food do it very, very slow. I have one of those sensitive tummies that does not like change. If you know what I mean.
If you want to meet the best cat in the whole wide world well complete the pre-adoption application located on the rescues website, i’d love to meet ya!