Meet our camera shy little sweetie Rachael. She is a playful girl who was chasing the balls on the tower just before I took this one picture. Then she just froze when she saw the camera. Then went on playing after the picture was taken. She is a tiny girl also the last of her litter to get up to weight to get ready for adoption. She can be a bit shy at first but comes around quickly. She loves to play with wand and stick feather toys and of course her all tower chaser. When we first got her she was hand shy and didn’t like to be held but as time went by now she likes to be held like a baby and kissed and loved on. We think she didn’t get a lot of attention and needed socialization. now watch out, she is a runner, a chaser, a wrestler and a player. She would do better with another kitten to play with so she doesn’t revert back into herself. She needs a playmate.