Meet Rachael! Rachael is our first retiree of the month! This sweet kitty has been in the rescue since July of 2019. This teenage gal is only 3 years old!  She is such a great cat!  She loves to play with the other cats and chase them around the house.  She likes to perch high in the cat tree or any piece of furniture where she can observe her community.  She was an extremely shy kitten and some of that has carried over into her adulthood.  She was ignored by her previous human at a key age of development where human bonds are formed.  While Rachael does like people, it takes her some time to get used to someone new.  She likes to be petted on her terms and will “ask for pets” with her paw.  Although she is not necessarily a snuggle buddy her presence will be known in your home.  She likes to talk with you too! All of this takes time. Rachael is ready for her paradise home to retire to! If you have a little patience and would like to welcome Rachael to your home, please complete our pre-adoption application on our website.

Rachael is located in one of our wonderful foster homes! Because she is shy, she would be an adoption and pick up. This means that you would pay the adoption fee, then take her home without a meet and greet. Her foster mom is confident she will be comfortable in her new forever home! Please contact us if you are interested!

Her adoption fee is $150