Peter & Roarie ****ADOPTED****


Right here are two great brothers, Peter and Roarie. Peter is a very handsome Lilac Point Siamese and Roarie a just as handsome Flame Point Siamese. These great guys are about 6.5 years young. Peter is the super duper friendly, lay around guy, always right next to you. Sleeps right next to you where ever you are. Roarie is a bit more independent but not much. He is the talker of the two and you can hear him talking all over the house. He will sleep at your feet at night. He loves to be petted and scratched all over, belly rubs are the best. Although, belly rubs are best for both of them.

These boys have been together all their lives and separating them is just not an option. They will lay together and clean each other and Roarie will call for Peter, look around and check to make sure her is there. Peter not being much of a talker just kind of looks for Roarie and will jump on the bed for him, give him kisses and clean him up a bit and they take their naps. They are big boys! Peter is a bit over weight and has been loosing weight with the proper diet and some minor exercise, Roarie as well. They will both need to continue they weight loss for their health. They are both getting dentals and teeth extractions done this week and will available the first weekend in February.

We are asking for serious inquires only. Also they will need regular medical followup for weight loss and continued dental care. This will require the financial means to continue with their care. Call the rescue with further inquires.