Peppermint Patty ****ADOPTED****


Meet Peppermint Patty a sweet little girl who was left a nice gentlemens door. He heard someone knocking on his door and when he got to the door all he saw was a cat carrier with a pretty kitty in it with a note in her microchip sleeve that said “hello my name is Sushi, I am spayed, here is my microchip and some money to take care of me”. Well he called all over with no luck getting any rescues to help. We were full but heard the story. So I talked to my husband and even though we were overflowing he said to bring her here. He was so thankful and brought her to us.
I can tell you she is the sweetest little girl, she is always on the move, checking things out. If you had a child that moved this much I think they would be labeled ADHD, LOL. So we say Peppermint Patty is our ADHD rescue kitty. I’ve never seen a kitty move and check things out so much. The door opens, she is right there. Someone goes in the bedroom, there she is. It is kind of funny. Don’t let that hold you back though, she is so loving also. You can tap the sofa and she is right next to you wanting all the love you have to give her. She loves the feather wands and chasing the balls down the hall. If you are interested in this amazing girl visit our website to complete the pre-adoption application and we will contact you to set up the meet and greet.