Peanut Butter “Peanut” ****ADOPTED****


Meet the sweet little Peanut Butter, “Peanut”. He is a little guy who takes after his mom in so many ways. His mom is Kalei the beautiful Calico who is also up for adoption with Kattered Tails. Peanut is a tough little guy and doesn’t realize how little he is! He stands up to our two 50 pound dogs with no hesitation! Now that was a sight to see! Peanut is a really good kitten and plays so well with the other kittens and have the best time ever with them. When Peanut is done with his morning romp, he will curl up and sleep the afternoon away in the sunny window. Peanut will sit with you on the couch and watch TV and give you all the love he has. Open up your home to Peanut and he will give his heart to you! If you are interested in Peanut Butter, please complete the pre-adoption application on our website.