Pabalano **ADOPTED**


Meet the fabulous Pablano, AKA Pablo. This is one sweet little guy. He is a dark tabby who is a cute a button. He is a bottle fed baby so he is as sweet as a kitten can be. He likes to be held like a little baby and rubbed on his head and ears. He likes belly rubs and cuddles and kisses. He does need correction every now and then with his nibbles, he did not have kitty mom to correct him all the time. He likes to rough house with his siblings and wrestle and run a lot. He loves to fight with his kick sticks, chase and ball you give him. the ball chaser is the best. Playing king of the tower is another game he likes to play with his brothers. I can’t say enough how amazing this baby is. He will need a playmate and will need adopted with one. If you are interested in adopting please visit our website and complete the pre adoption application.