Oberon ****ADOPTED****


Meet Oberon the leader of his litter. He is the most confident of the four. He is an awesome boy and friendly once he trust you and knows that you are his friend and that you love him. Trust is earned by and any cat even a teenage kitten. Things are different this year with COVID many kitten don’t have tons of socialization like they usually do, because many people are are fostering from home and taking care of pets. The fosters are not having visitors like they usually do so many kittens have not been been around a lot people. It does not mean the kittens are not friendly just that they might need more love then so other kittens. Oberon is one of those kittens. He needs a lots of love and attention to make a home his own. A lot of play time and tons of toys to call his own. Maybe even a cat tree and some some scratching posts. He is really a sweet boy and his foster dad did a great job with him and while he was with me only a few days I grew to love his sweet personality and he loved to be held and loved one like a baby and chin rubs and ear rubs were his favorite.