Nova ****ADOPTED****


Meet the rescues resident feisty girl Nova! She is one cutie that’s for sure. She is feisty with a capital “F” and loves to be chased. She is one of those kittens in a litter that was the bad girl. The wrestler, the tough girl the girl you knew was going to be OK no matter what. She is not big on being held for a long time unless it is bed time and she wants to get next to you or maybe watch TV. She does like to play with just about anything. There is one must in her adoption she must have a dog, currently she has two small to medium dogs and truly loves them. She truly is an independent girl so you won’t have to worry about what she is doing when you are not home or worry about her well being. So if your are looking for a fun, feisty, dog lovin, independent kitten well here she is; Nova is her name!