Natalia ***UNAVAILABLE****


Meet the sweet and spicy Natalia. She has the cutest little face and white socks on her feet. She can be a sassy girl at first when she is getting to know you but will soon settle in and become your sweet little kitten. Natalia has been in the rescue since January 2022. She and 17 other kitties came to the rescue from a hoarding case. In a hoarding situation, the pets do not receive the human interaction they need, and this is so important when they are young. Her foster mom has been working and socializing with her and she has come so far from the scared, untrusting kitty she was back in January. She now enjoys being pet, and she will purr, and talk to you for attention! Natalia is only 9 months old! And she is still full of fun! We do not recommend she be the only kitten and she cannot go into a home with another adult cat in the house. Grab a wand toy and Natalia will play with you for hours! The 3-level ball chaser is one of the best toys for kitties. If you are interested in Natalia please complete the pre-adoption application on our website.