Najee was found under a front porch in Arcadia when he was 4 weeks old after being abandoned. He was the only kitten out of his foster group that wasn’t bottle raised and is Morty’s brother. He is an extremely sweet ghost tabby, but he takes a while to warm up to things, so patience is key with this little guy. He is a talker, and it is possible to have a conversation with him since he’ll meow back at you when you meow at him. Najee means stoic and strong. That is what this guy is quiet when he needs to be and the master when he needs to be. He will make a great big brother to another kitty. He does like his canned food in the mornings, so when you’re not opening that can of food fast enough for him he will become your overlord. LOL. Take this strong, caring and loving guy home and make him your own.