Monet ****ADOPTED****


Monet is a very sweet little girl. She is a spunky kitten full of energy and is ready to go until she drops. She loves your full attention, likes to be petted, ear rubs and chin rubs. She likes to play with all the cats in her foster home. She likes to run all over. chasing her toys and other cats. She loves the three level ball tower and will chase the ball around in circles until she releases all her energy. She likes to give kisses all over your face and lay across you and take her naps. She for sure be your lap cat. If you have time and love in your heart for a full of energy fun loving little girl then Monet is the girl for you.

Updated pictures of Monet! October 20, 2019

As a note of interest Mateo the kitten is Monet the kitten are Bestest Friends. The play together all the time and have full on wrestling and smack down matches in the living room. So fun to watch.