Mona Lisa ****ADOPTED****


Meet the beautiful Mona Lisa. She is one of our very young moms this year. She is only about 11 months old now (as of November), so she became a mom very young. She is a very tiny girl. She is very sweet and likes to be petted and rubbed and loved on. If took her about a week to adjust to our house after she was spayed. She was at first a bit bossy with the other cats but now things have calmed down and she has settled in nicely with the others. I truly think she had trouble at first because she was at some point an inside cat/kitten who was never spayed and was dumped because she became pregnant. I think she might have been beat up outside. She had an abscess on her head we took care of and she has some scares on her neck you can feel. I think I would be a bit bossy as well. Once she settle though she had a whole new mode of love to show. She loves catnip infused chew sticks (who wouldn’t), mice toys and of course and wand toy in the house. She loves people food so we are teaching her to stop counter surfing and she will swat at me but I let her know that is not acceptable behavior. I pick her and give her tons of love because if any kitty deserves it it is our Mona Lisa.