Mingle ****ADOPTED****


Meet little miss Mingle. Probably not hard for you to figure out how she got her name! She is the mingler of the three sisters. When we took the girls in she was the one who took absolutely no time to warm up to us. All I had to do was talk to her and she came right up to me. Almost as if she was saying “Hi, Hey what’s up with you, I’m Mingle.” She just love to be petted all over. There is not spot on her that is her favorite she loves it all. She loves to wrestle with Twiggy Lou her sister, and the growl at her other while the wrestle, almost as if the are practicing for some prefect playing war. She is a beautiful Cream Dilute Tortie, no Tortie-Tude here from this kitten. Hopefully she will continue to grow this way. If you have room in your heart for a super friendly Mingling little girl look now more.