Meatball *** ADOPTED ***


Meatball is a very sweet boy. He is a big boy! He has a very handsome ticked coat and eyes that just say I love you but I am scared. He came from a hoarding situation so there were many cats around and he did not get the proper socialization when he was a tiny kitten. I worked very hard with him and the other litters. It was very hard to get them to trust me. after three colds and ringworm from their moms. All trust they had for me at first slowly slipped away. I got some of it back recently but with cats trust is earned. He is shy, once he is in your arms you can feel him relax and he loves to be petted and scratched with all the love he can get. He likes to watch, he is a watcher kitten for sure. He will play with the wand toy but he really has to be in the mood. Yup he’s all cat!
If you have all the love in your heart for a big boy like Meatball give him a chance and he will give you all he has. Just give him time!