Karma ****ADOPTED****


Meet Karma she is such a very sweet Mamma. She was very young when she had kittens and raised them, adopted two that needed a mom and now it is her turn to find her forever home. She was found on the side of the road in a box that was tapped shut with her and the kittens inside. She was rescued and taken to the the shelter where she adopted two other kittens. Sadly the were just overrun with cats and kittens. Her kittens were sick with URI and ringworm so they were unfortunately put on the list for euthanasia. We could not let this happen so we took them gave them the care they all needed. She lost one of her adopted babies sadly but the others grew and only Panda is still looking for his forever home.

She is one of the calmest girls I have ever met. Everything just rolls off her. She is as serene as she is beautiful. She has medium length hair and is what is called a Patched Tabby. Her glaring eyes just tell you that she loves you and let know you have saved her life. I can tell you she does not like spending the week in the adoption center and she lets me know; she ignores me when she gets home. She forgive me quickly though. I can pick her up give her kisses, rub her belly and give lots of love to her. She deserves all the love any human can give her. I named her Karma because one day Karma will come back around to who ever left her and her kittens tapped in a box on the side of a road, hopefully.