Joan Jett ****ADOPTED ****


Come one, Come all to meet the outstanding and amazing Joan Jett! Joan is one of the resident moms in Kattered Tails this year who raised her family and now she is ready to become the Queen of your castle! She is a great girl who is simply stunning to look at and look at those beautiful eyes. She likes to be petted and loved on. She prefers to talk to you while you are sitting around reading or maybe taking a nap or watching TV. Like most cats during the day she likes the sunny spot to take her cat nap and sleep the day away. She prefers to eat wet food at night because she is the queen. She is very young at only a year old and still has many, many kitten qualities inside her. She was a young mom but now it is her time to enjoy life and be the spoiled one for a change.

Joan is good with other cats, kittens and she doesn’t mind the big dog either. I think a small dog would be to much for her to handle.