Joan ****ADOPTED****


Meet Joan, her and her sister were named after the awesome singers Joan Jett and Lita Ford. They are both sweet and amazing kittens and we would like to keep them together. They had a rough start and upon transport to Chandler were separated from their mom, Run-Around Sun by a mistake of a volunteer. Well they were apart most of the day and their mom would not accept them back which is very normal. So the girls were bottle feed and mom was spayed so she could be adopted. Sue is still available and is a lover.
Like her sister Joan, Lita like to play like all kittens. Running around, chasing and wrestling. She likes feather toys, crinkle balls, laser pointers and 3-level ball towers. She is an amazing and lovable little girl! If you have lots of love and a big heart for two little sweeties come and get these two girls.