Jarvis ****UNAVAILABLE****


Hi I am Jarvis and I am a sweet boy. I am very shy at first because it takes a long time for me to learn to trust. I was hurt by a human before and my foster mom has been showing me what it means to be loved. I now eat chicken out of her hand, let her pet me when I bow my head to her. I don’t always want to be touched though. I do like my back and back petted and will give elevator butt. I don’t really like to be just picked up. However, my foster mom does hold me and I often turn to jello in her arms. I don’t think I will ever be a lap cat but I will sleep in my cat bed near you. I like it high in the cat tree. I will play with string toys and laser pointers. I love canned food and chicken and canned milk. I meet me foster mom every morning to say hello then we go about our day. If you think you can be patient with me and let me learn to trust you then I am the boy for you.