Haley **ADOPTED**


Meet Haley the cutest little girl around! She is a very beautiful calico baby with tons of personality. She is a bottle baby and very attached to people. She loves to be held and cuddled with. She so loves her brother Monty and we are looking to adopt them together. Haley may be little but she can hangs with the boys in the house for sure. She likes to chase them and wrestle and usually wins the WWF matches. (She often lets her brother win because she is bigger then him) She simply loves her brother and they are very bonded. Haley really likes the big dogs in the house and will climb all over them and think nothing of it. After her long play sessions she likes to curl up with her brother for her afternoon nap then it’s time to rock n’ roll again. She is such a cutie! If you are interested in Haley please complete the pre-adoption application located on our website.