Arthur – “Artie”


Arthur is a very sweet and gentle buy. He has been with with the rescue for awhile now and is still as sweet as day one. He is very shy at first and it takes time with Arthur to win his trust. I found my way to him was through the tummy! He loves wet food and then you will become best friend forever. He is not fond of dogs at all. However, believe that with time he will learn that dogs are OK and not anything to fear and a new house is safe and new people will love him as well. You can’t push yourself on him or things won’t work out with him or for you, he does not liked to be chased. As time passed Art became my bestie and would sit on the couch with me and watch TV and allow me to pet, rub and scratch him. He loves his daily kitty massage and would give me elevator butt. He was surrendered because his old owner broke her hip and no longer able to care for him. The key with Arthur is time, patience and lots of love!

As there are funny stories with all rescued cats sometimes there is a story with Art. His name use to be Gertrude! He went to the Vet for a check up because of weight gain and some issues with litter box. Well we were told he was a she by the owner and Humane Society. You would think two groups of people would know. Well nope Gertie was an Arthur. So we are waiting for some blood work and trying to find out if there is a reason for the litter box issues. Either way Art uses pee pads right next to the box and we are working on the issue. Some one said it’s because he got tired of me calling him Gertie. LOL