Drac ****ADOPTED****


What can you say about this handsome guy Drac? Drac has been in the rescue since January 2022. He and 17 other kitties came to the rescue from a hoarding case. In a hoarding situation, the pets do not receive the human interaction they need, and this is so important when they are young. Our team has been working and socializing with him and he has come so far from the scared, untrusting kitty he was back in January. Drac is only 9 months old! Drac didn’t like any of us to come near him when he first arrived. Now, he greets us every morning ready for his morning head and chin rub! He just loves the attention! Drac has also been slowly learning how fun kitty toys are! He has become quite the talker as well! Drac is such an attractive kitty with his tan and brown striped fur! Drac will definitely be the love of your life if you show a little patience with him and lots of love! Drac likes to give love bites or play bites and we are teaching him not to do that, we can instruct you how to continue this. Finally, Drac loves duck flavored dry and wet food! If you would like to add Drac to your family, please fill out the pre-adoption application on our website.