Domino ****ADOPTED****


This little cutie is named Domino. He is jsut like his siblings, jsut about the sweetest kitten you can find. He love to be near you, next to you, on top of you. When I am work on the computer for the rescue he can not help himself but sit on my shoulder to see exactly what I am doing. He is a love bug. He love to play with just about any toy laying around the house. Although I can say that I think his all time favorites are the 3 level ball tower, mice and balls and his siblings. He was the smallest of his litter and will be the last to go. But the good news is I myself adopted his brother so they can be together a bit longer. This little guy has some much love to give and is jsut waiting for someone to give it to.

Domino is for pre-adoption currently and should be ready to go home the second weekend of December.