Claude ****ADOPTED****


Meet Claude the friendly boy in the bunch. He simply loves humans and craves their attentions. He loves to be petted and scratched all over. He has the cutest little MEOW with a twirl of the tongue you have ever heard. He lays on the couch with me to watch some TV and falls asleep right next to me. I think he would stay next to me for hours if I didn’t move. We are still learning all about each other. He likes feathers, gets along with other cats but will hiss at until he learns who they are. My dog does not seem to bother him at all he simply acts like he is not there. If you are looking for a lover then look no more.

The little dot on his nose is from wrestle mania with the other kitties in the house, he got hooked in the nose and corner of eye, ouch. He is all better .