Charlize “Charlie” ****ADOPTED****


Here is our Charlize, AKA Charlie. She is my little girl. She has also come a very long way since coming to Kattered Tails. Charlie was rescued a week after her litter mates so she was outdoors longer. She lived without human touch just a bit longer then they did. She likes to be held and you can feel her relax in your arms, she likes her ears and chin rubbed. Kisses are good as well. You need to realize that she has learned to trust me now she needs to learn to trust you in her life. This will take time, you need to give her that time and put the effort in to show her that love. If you can’t then she is not for you. She likes to play with wand toys, and the tower ball and loves little mice. She loves her sister Blanche and Tic-Tac. If you have the time and the devotion and the love for a sweet little beauty then message me and we can talk. No dogs or little children please.